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The Annex Residency provided a unique opportunity for my sister (Kim Scouller) and I to spend one week based in and around Crinan, a small harbour village on the west coast of Scotland. Surrounded by stunning seascapes, breathtaking views of Jura and the famous Crinan canal on our doorstep – it did not take us long to settle into our work.

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During my stay I made a series of drawings based on the boats moored in the loch and in the working boat yard. Above is the Victoria Semper and the Duke of Normandy. We were lucky to see the VIC32 arrive to refuel and continue it’s journey onto the Sound of Jura leaving a trail of puffy black cloud.


Freshly caught squat lobsters, cooked and ready to eat or draw!

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The work made during our residency were included in a group exhibition called ‘Doors of Perception’. The show helped to raise funds to buy suitable doors for the annex studios.

Crinan was a fantastic place to be based for a week. Both Kim and I are grateful for the generosity and enthusiasm of our host Ross Ryan, his family and the community spirit in Crinan all of which added to the memorable experience of working there.